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Why Pearl Hacks?

Our female programming peers are like pearls - beautiful, rare, and eminently valuable. The process by which pearls grow within shelled mollusks is long and painstakingly difficult. This is not unlike the often solitary road that women in technology travel as they discover their passion for computing. Our goal for Pearl Hacks is to help unite North Carolina and Virginia female programmers, invigorate their educational journeys, and inspire each other to continue dreaming and achieving amazing things.

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2 p.m.  Saturday ,  March 22  -  5 p.m.  Sunday ,  March 23
UNC  Computer Science Department and Journalism School
We are bringing together 200 girls from nearby universities and high schools and engineers from Google, Palantir, SparkFun, Square and many other tech companies for a one-of-a-kind event. Meet friendly people, connect with awesome employers, win fun prizes and build something completely new and revolutionary!

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I get there?
We will reimburse you for driving from NC, VA, or SC schools based on the number of people per car so grab your gals or make some new friends and fill up those seats! Contact us if you will be flying or have a special travel request.

Will I have fun?
Absolutely! There's going to be:

How do I find a team?
Teams can be one to four people in size. One of the best parts of hackathons is meeting other people who are inspired and enthusiastic about technology! If you don't yet have a team use the Pearl Hacks Facebook event page to find those who need your skills (or have the skills you want). Don't be afraid to advertise your ideas or skills.

I've never done this before?
If you're new to hackathons or programming in general it's never too late to start! Our mentors will be happy to help you master a new language or technology, or even teach you how to program.

Why is it overnight?
Because doing things overnight allows you to gain momentum within your team. Your teammates, mentors and all the resources you need are right there, so why would you be anywhere else? Plus, it means no distractions, freedom to take over the entire building, and the chance to watch the sun rise.

What should I bring?
Creativity, enthusiasm, your laptop, ethernet cable, comfy shoes/clothes for yoga or a stroll around campus, and stuff for a cat nap if needed.

Have questions or suggestions?
Send us a message!

Pearl Hacks Spring 2014 Recap

First Place

Culture of Yes

Second Place

Imp Alarm

Third Place

The Right Fit

High School

DepreSupport  &  Battleship

Google app for social or medical good

1 )  CT Contour    2 )  CT Contour

Best Hardware Hack

Word Watch  &  Circle Stop

Best Mobile App Experience

Babbel Food

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